Our Valued Customers!

Over the years RPM has been privelaged to work with many different companies in multiple fields. Our diverstity in the Manufacturing Industry enables us to provide the best customized service possible.

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Machines At A Glance

This is a quick overview of some of the machines we have worked on:

  • Deep Fillet Rollers: A machine used for deep rolling crankshafts which is a method of cold work deformation and burnishing.

  • Oil Hole Drill: Machines crankshafts enabling larger diamater boring and greater depth while maintaining straightness and tolerances.

  • CT Twin Screw: Designed specifically for the high-torque, high-speed demands of thermoplastic compounding applications. The CT Series twin screw compounder features modular, sectioned barrels and screws for easy adaptation to your processing demands.

  • Vertical Turning Machines: A turning machine in which the spindle axis is perpendicular to the ground. Vertical lathes are ideal for turning excessively large and heavy workpieces.

  • Horizontal Turning Machines: A turning machine in which the spindle axis is parallel to the ground. Horizontal lathes are the most common shop floor lathes.

  • Flexable Turning Broach: This is a turning machine that grinds the pins and main jounarls on a crankshaft.

  • Pushers: For relentlessly productive separation of coarse solids from free-draining crystalline slurries and gentle single-stage handling.

  • Custom Builds: Customer specified special projects that are unique machines.

Featured Customer

B&P Process Equipment:

• The B&P Process brand heritage is rich with innovations in the design and manufacture of large-scale, rugged industrial machinery.     Read More